Faith and Business, with Confidence
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Your faith matters. So does your business.

If you’re serious about living out your faith like it matters, in every area of your life, this is your place.

If you already have people to teach you business skills, and church to teach you spiritual skills, but want to learn about the overlap, this is your place.

If you want to practically live out your faith in business, without being creepy or weird (and without having to have an overtly “Christian” business), this is your place.

This is your place.

Stop second-guessing your decisions when trying to live out your faith in business, and don’t grow weary of doing good. Imagine yourself facing fear, doubts, and business struggles with the confidence that comes from Christ and a community that reinforces your choice to follow Jesus and build your business.

Faith X is for Christian entrepreneurs, helping you connect your faith and business, with confidence.

You belong here.

Learn from entrepreneurs who understand your values and business struggles.

Stay grounded in the essential truths we believe, while getting to know these ambitious and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Learn to apply the skills you get from church to your business.

With support and resources, you can confidently make decisions in line with your values and priorities, honoring God while reaching your business goals.

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Who Am I?

Hi! 👋 I’m Shelly and I’m passionate about fully integrating my faith and business, and helping you do the same, without being creepy or weird. It’s part of the way I’m living authentically, bringing my full self to my business.

That’s me, on a trip to Alaska, one of the things I’ve gotten to do because I make my own schedule as an entrepreneur. (Being in charge of my calendar is one of my favorite perks. What’s yours?)

Two years ago, when I searched for Christian business resources, I only found books for the traditionally employed, 50-year-old businessman. God’s truths are eternal, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone sharing practical applications and examples in a context that makes sense to you personally.

With Faith X, you’ll get encouragement, real life examples, devotionals, and stories from the Bible applied to the millennial entrepreneur journey. I want to keep it real (and invite other entrepreneurs to do the same).


Beyond Customer Satisfaction to Show the Kindness of Christ

Representing Your Faith in Marketing without “Being Creepy”

Handling Fear when Pursuing Your Calling

Stop Comparing Yourself: Running Your Own Race

(Hey! We also do things like the Seek First prayer challenge for entrepreneurs – check it out!)


Practical Videos

Interviews with Christian entrepreneurs, prayers, and practical thoughts on how to live out your faith in business


Helpful resources to help you reach your goals and live out your faith in business

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Weekly emails with encouragement and practical reflections to help you connect your faith and business

Prayer Challenge

The Seek First prayer challenge for entrepreneurs helps you develop a habit of prayer for your business, faith, and impact