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Christian entrepreneurs: Many groups teach business skills, and churches teach spiritual skills, but who helps you with the overlap?

  • Do you struggle to find a community of Christians who understand entrepreneurship?

  • Does the constant competition and lack of humility in entrepreneurship circles bother you?

  • Do you ever wonder if you’re being too uptight when it comes to applying your faith to business decisions?

  • Do you ever doubt or get discouraged when pursuing your calling to be a business owner?

Stop second-guessing your decisions when trying to live out your faith in business, and don’t grow weary of doing good. Surround yourself with others who reinforce your choice to follow Jesus and build your business.

Community X is the new online community for Christian entrepreneurs, connecting you to people and resources that help you integrate your faith and business.

This is a group of people who understand your values and business struggles.

Ambitious and like-minded entrepreneurs help you stay grounded in the essential truths we believe.

With support and resources, you can confidently make decisions in line with your values and priorities, honoring God while reaching your business goals.

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Representing Your Faith in Marketing without “Being Creepy”

Handling Fear when Pursuing Your Calling

Love of Money or Just Money? Getting Comfortable with Profit and Finances

Our core features

Slack Community

Ask questions, share prayer requests, and get feedback from other Christian entrepreneurs

Weekly Video Calls

Meet other Christian entrepreneurs “face-to-face” in masterminds and roundtable discussions

Guest Experts

Join the Q&A and learn from those a step ahead in faith and business during these expert-led video discussions

Bonus Gifts

Access free resources offered by established Christian entrepreneurs to help you reach your goals