Maintaining Thriving Relationships as an Entrepreneur with Audra Coats-Hudson

Relationships are necessary for a supported, healthy life, but it can be challenging to maintain (and thrive in) relationships as an entrepreneur (especially when the other people aren’t entrepreneurs).

Audra Coats-Hudson, Christian life coach, leads an interactive discussion for Christian entrepreneurs, on the topic of relationships. “Relationships” include romantic, family, and platonic relationships.

Audra gives practical tips around…

  • how to maintain relationships even when you’re busy

  • specific ideas of prayers for better conversations about your business

  • the need to be intentional about making time to start, maintain, and deepen relationships

  • a secret exercise to fight overwhelm and focus on the things we can control

You also have access to Audra’s resource library for stress management and spiritual growth, with tools, worksheets, and mini trainings to help you beat stress and get back in the Christ-centered balance.

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