Free Trial Offer

Thanks for being a part of the Seek First prayer challenge!

As part of the challenge, you can share insight, prayer requests, and encouragement in the Community X Slack channel, if you’re signed up. Community X is an online community for Christian business owners to help you integrate your faith and business, with confidence.

It’s not required to participate in the challenge, but we’re made for community and the trial membership is free* with this offer.

If you’re interested in seeing if you meet the requirements for a free 3-month trial membership to Community X, click here, and use code SEEKFIRST.*

To learn more about Community X before applying, click here.

*Full disclosure, because integrity is important: Trial memberships are subject to the same application requirements as full membership, and will automatically upgrade to a full membership ($24/month) at the end of the trial. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. Membership is not required to participate in the free prayer challenge.