Money Mindset for Believers with Kate Boyd

Making a profit is essential for business, but we don’t want to get obsessed with profits and lose sight of what’s important. And what do we do when money is hard to come by?

Kate Boyd, business strategist, leads a discussion about stepping out in obedience, by faith, and God’s provision even when it’s uncomfortable or challenging.

Kate gives practical tips around…

  • the importance of holistic stewardship (time, talent, and finances)

  • how spending can actually be good stewardship

  • the need to listen to the Spirit and be discerning in the messages we take in

You also have access to Kate’s bonus guide, “The Believing Entrepreneur’s Guide to Money Mindset”

  • Discover the biblical insights for how to think about money in your business

  • Start ditching the guilt around making and spending

  • Learn money practices you can implement today to stay in abundance

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